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To Myself,
II owe you an apology. I want to apologize for blaming you and putting you through so much mental stress for something that shouldn't have even been blamed on you. So yes, sometimes you will come across assholes in life and I am sorry you had to experience that in such a manner.. However, you now know better if you ever come across it again. I know you wish you would wake up with amnesia and forget it all happened, but dear, what was all the analyzing and pain for? You thought what you had was real, and I feel like an idiot thinking and writing this, but then why would you be fine? You have every rite to be upset, but you could only mope so much. I need you to please please place this behind you and grow and move on. I know you aren't fine, but you can no longer dwell in it. It's been nearly a year. He has a girlfriend now who epitomizes perfection. He led you on and left. This is so stupid I can't even continue writing. You've gotta let it go and move the f on! Stop letting it control you and your happiness. You deserve better and you know that. Someone who could bring this much sadness into your life is not worth shit. And don't you dare be a rebound when his girl breaks his heart. But if you must.. be there once again as a friend to comfort him, because if anyone valuable was taken in this process, it was the growing friendship over all other matters. Oh gd I miss him. Sigh:( Things will get better, much better. They always do. I promise you. don't let it ruin you, you're more than this. <​3 I love you, forever and always, above all else.


From Doc
Doc bought Myself A Glass of Red Wine
On Jun 4 2018 at 5:03pm, D wrote:
2015? what is wrong with you

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