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To My bk fries ,
I apologize for the way our friendship ended. You'll probably never receive this because I'm not tagging you in here but I am writing this because so if we ever talk I can show you that no I'm not fine . Life isn't fine without talking to u. It's been a week and it sucks terribly . I miss you and well I'm still proud of you. You are a senior and I'm sure you've decided on s college . our friendship ended because I been wanting you but I don't say anything because I know you only want me as a friend but well I don't mind that but I still wish we can hang to a movie or even take you to prom. Especially since it's a navy pier downtown Chicago for like the first time ever . But well I hope you choose s perfect guy to go with. This might be the end of us since like middle school. Every day we would text . Wow!!! I'll always be proud of of u and I hope you choose the best college . . U r the smartest person I know and well I'll be writing this daily . It honestly sucks not talking to u. I didn't reply for a reason. I always make you mad and I hate that. U know I'm very sentimental person and u know how I am literally . I hate making u mad . And I hate that you get mad because of me . I hope someday you read this . This sucks . And forever will sucks if I never reply to you


From Jonathan
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