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To love,
hye ranjitha. i wanted to tel u something. mayb i think that im annoying u ,disturbing u by asking questions . its my expectations to u mayb. nut u dont like it as i guess. and i gt to knw ur percepetion on me sometimes. its al true. im asking bcz nwdys my scare one u bcm more. bfr this i didnt felt like tat but once u mention tat u break up its gv me the hurt + scare alrdy. tats y watever u post i felt tat is tat u posting for me or random. or i bcm overthink when see ur status and i question myslf . "is tat i didnt make u happy ? is tat i just part of ur life and nt fully frm ur life? is tat stil i didnt make any effort to show my love to make u trust on me? is tat im nt a good partner for u? bla bla bla this is al bcz of me as i knw ... i wont leave u in any situation but i scare tat u wil leave me simply. cz of ur anger stands infrnt of ur love. i stil think tat u really love me or just thinking2 to love me.... and mayb u cn hate me as well cz u felt tat im annoyed u most of the time. and as lover i expect to share happiness​,sadness,feelings​, this n tat ..well u too.. but we r nt like tat. we just talking2 and at particular time we talk romance2 tat al. but no sharing at al. so wats the function to knw more about us deeply. and u saying tat u dont like to share ur personal. but we are lvers nt stranger , to nt care each other. as i knw we just can the personal to the lover nt to mom.sis ,fren or anyone. and i dnt like it too . but i prefer to knw bout u more.. if u really really really put effort then we cn be more happy n no fights. i knw abour ur prblm as well. but its put it aside n make ur life happy first. here u to knw bout me. once i felt tat someone is special in my life i dare to do anythg for the person. i need the happiness for the person . so tat i dare to fake myslf too so tat i make them in good mood. this is me n i cnt change myslf. cz i alrdy feel for u and u r important in my life. even u think im annoying or anythg. i wil care and its true care for u. my love for u is infinity. u can see changes with me but not to mean hurt u but wanted to make u happy.and as i told i wont question u about anythg i dowan to make u feel bad. u update anythg but dont hurt me to feel bad bout myslf. kind request. thats al. and last to tel u. if afta this u left me or anytg i wont paksa u to be with me. i want truely someone with me and tat person felt really happy if im at their life. and at the same time i wil wait for long time aso to gt back u in my life. sorry if i hurt u in this message. i just wrote what i really feel. i love u to infinity my dear. <​3


From vkey
love agreed to apologize.
To vkey,
I just accept your decision dear. Thanks and sorry for the disrespect sometimes.
From love
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