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To Ms. Mckenzie,
Ms. Mckenzie,
I have grown to love and respect you with every fabric of my being. Now that you and I are not on good terms, there is a great void in my life. Not being able to interact with you makes me more sad each day.
I have done much reflection over the past month and few days. My main focus has been on the email I sent you that came off as a threat to you. I regret every threatening and questioning statement I made in that email. The truth is, never intended to say many of those things. I would never disclose anything personal about you to anyone. I never have, and I never will. Also, even though I was quite surprised at your response to the whole situation, I had no right to question you as I have done in the past. You had every right to defend yourself from what you thought was a morally degrading situation.
I am sorry. I am very sorry.
Out of fear of losing you completely from my life, I was experiencing a bout of passive aggression. I felt the need to defend myself from something that I knew was not even true, and I only made the situation worse by assuming you believed it too.
Once again, I am sincerely sorry.


From Abigail Smellie
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