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To most special someone,
I know you hate me right now, but please give me exactly 2min read this letter I took days to write for you. Infact I hate myself whenever you get hurt even the slightest.
I am going back into my stupid record and apologizing publicly for
1. Irritating you
2. Irritating you more
3. Repeating same things again and again and irritating you most
4. Saying things which you dont want to hear
5. Asking you to talk to me repeating 2
6. There r so many things i hav done horribly wrong but i cant pen them down for obv reasons.
7. In summary just doing 2
Ok things i will pakka do frm now..if u dont reply for something i will jus give u time and stop talking. I will wait for you. Please one last chance coz all i want to prove from letter is I want you to know U r the most important and THE BEST feeling that can happen to just FEW VERY LUCKY PEOPLE and I dont want to even lose a MINUSCULE part of it.
Please for once forgive me.


From u know me
u know me included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
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