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To Everyone I have annoyed,
I am very sorry to all the people I have annoyed, creeped out etc. I have thought about this a long time over this weekend and after an interaction this morning with someone who I once again seemed to annoy (although I didn't mean to), I have come to the conclusion that everyone would be better off if I weren't around anymore. I think the time has come to take my own life. Once I am no longer around, there will be no problem of my annoying anyone else. You might think this is attention seeking. It is not. You might think it is a bit dramatic. Maybe. I have had it, though, with annoying people, unwillingly, every time I see or meet them. I don't want to cause anyone any more trouble. If I could find a way short of suicide to accomplish that then I would consider that way. So far though, suicide seems to be the most reliable way to do it.


From Doesn't really mattee
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