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To Morenikeji,
Dear {Morenikeji}

Words will never fully express how sorry I am, but I truly hope that it is a good start:

I'm sorry.

I regret nothing more in life than what I have done to you. It was wrong, stupid and immature and you do not deserve any of the grief and anger I have caused you.

I can't bear to see you unhappy because of my actions. When our relationship began, I promised {Morenikeji} that I would make you happy. I failed. I failed both of us.

But I want to make amends. I truly do. You're too important of a person to lose and I hate myself for realizing that now rather than earlier. I understand the gravity of the situation, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Please call me when you have the chance.

Love always,


From Olalekan
Olalekan included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
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