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To Fasai,
Dear Fasai,

You are super super super awesome.

Can't believe just a few months ago I said hello to you when you were working outside Brochstein.

It feels like we are pretty good friends already, despite having only met near the end of last semester!

Maybe it's cause you always give great feedback on my ideas. Or maybe because we both are struggling with this debate between big corporation or startup life.

Either way, I am so appreciative of all the stuff that we've talked about together. It is so refreshing given that so many relationships and conversations are mainly superficial (esp. with other college students).

Which is a good transition for me to say I am very sorry for laughing at your problem of having difficulty going from -nice to meet u- to What Is YouR LiFE with your cohort peeps.

I don't want to give myself any excuses. All I can say is that I suck.

I'm super super super sorry. And I hope can make it up to you.

I hope one day both of us can start a startup and go to YC and be entrepreneurs and do cool stuff. It would be even cooler if we went together working on the same startup!

Even if not, at the very least, I hope we can continue to be friends. I really appreciate our relationship up to this point, and I hope it can continue to grow! :D

My Sincerest Apologies For Sucking,
Please Let Me Know How I Can Make Up For This,

P.S. What ideas have you had lately? Did you hear that Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13BN?! What are the great startups in Amsterdam?


From Jeff
Fasai accepted this apology
Fasai responded
To Jeff,
Jeff this is tooo adorable im keeping it! haha trust me im probably the most difficult to offend-- I didnt even realize what u were apologizing for!! Trust me-- ur one of the number one people on my mind when it comes to people I would hit up to share my good ideas: ur fun, ur caring, ur selfless, ur v interesting. I dont think Ive ever met anyone so driven, so bold, so hands on. Please keep me motivated with how motivated you are! And yes omg Amazon is really on the path to taking over retail-- p sure walmart's gonna be driven out! And I will definitely need to keep the Amsterdam talk to our Skype session this week! Too much happening here!
From Fasai
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