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To my 'brother',
I love you with all my heart and you deserve every single good thing in this world. You are the funniest, most intelligent, kind person that I have ever met. You are one of the only people I've ever truly opened up to and it helped me, it helped when I wanted to cry because I couldn't stand one more day in this godamn town because everyone keeps talking and talking and when i laughed at jokes that weren't funny I could think of all the times you made me laugh and genuinely feel a bit of the lingering temporary happiness because even if you were in pain you made me happy. Everything you did for me, every single little detail was so important to me. You're the most amazing friend a person can ask for. And I'm sorry for being an asshole and long to you. After my parents divorce I wanted to escape in some way so I sort of created the person I wanted to be in the future and became that online. Even though I've told you now my actual age which is the same as yours I'm sorry that you have to deal with our other friend who I never told the truth because I didn't trust at all. I'm sorry. I love you and you deserve a much better person than me. Rose


From Malia
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