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To Konmad,
Dearest Konrad,
It has been brought to my attention that you are upset with me for reasons to which I understand, although, might I add, my actions were simply a reaction to a slew of chemical misbalances. Chemical misbalances to which I cannot avoid, because my chemicals have been compromised due to an overwhelming amount of depletion, and then abundance. You see, originally, my body's chemicals were happily enjoying themselves. Having a nice little picnic, if you will, until one day a cloud in the sky appeared. "What is this!?" They exclaimed! The cloud grew darker and bigger, until finally it started to pour. So my body's chemicals didn't know how to react! It was like this FOR MONTHS. Until they founds way to cope with the rain. They decided to grow flowers. Tiny little annoying red flower dots that kept popping up all over the place. And then one day, the cloud disappeared. "Oh my good golly gosh!" They exclaimed again! "What in the- is that?? Can it be?? THE SUN?????!!!!!" And indeed it was! But my chemicals have forgotten how to react to the sun, therefore they are trying to find ways to cope.

Long story short I'm sorry.

P.s. Thank u 4 sushi


From B
Konmad accepted this apology
Konmad responded
To B,
Dearest Brianna,

I am allergic to flowers.

From Konmad
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