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To Abdulla,
Date: I was supposed to do it when I've first said it, but my brain works like a turtle on a leash.

This is an apology letter for my behavior for the last couple of days.I understand I was rude and somehow an asshole, ok, not somehow, definitely an asshole.
I'm sorry for my sadistic behavior, I act like a wild crazy reptile when a human being is actually charismatic and capable of interacting with me.
I'm also sorry If I made you feel anything else other than comfort here.
P.S: If you gonna correct my english on this apology letter, f u.
P.P.S: Srry in advance for ''f u''.

Have fun at untold!


From Vasile(Iasmina)
Vasile(Iasmina) would like to extend an Olive Branch
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