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To Stranger,
Regarding my bad behavior in Lawrence, Kansas. This is a genuine apology to a gentleman who scolded my bad behavior, but I was young, immature and snotty.

We were strangers. It was approximately 1990. I was 20 years old, and a young lady. You may have been 30-something, perhaps a father? Perhaps a Christian?

One morning, we were driving South on Michigan Street, just past a small school. I passed you, and at the stop light at the intersection of Michigan Street and 6th Street, you got out of your car to scold me, saying: “This is a school zone!” I mouthed off about “always doing that”.

However, I have felt ashamed of my poor attitude all of these years (it took many years to recognize this). I did not know who you were, and when I found this “Apology” forum, I decided to put this apology “out there” in case you see it.

I am a born again Christian and I have prayed about my bad behavior. I pray that you read this ...And that you recognize yourself and can forgive me.


From Sheryl
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