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To Black haired lady in light blue car,
I am so sorry for staring. It is just that you looked like this woman I know who I haven't seen for a long time (about 7 months at least). I was driving in a dark gray Honda SUV. I didn't mean to creep you out or make you feel uncomfortable. I was trying to figure out if you were her because I would love to see her again even just to say hi. I had to know if you were her. It was driving me crazy. I know it also seems like I stalked you by following you down a few blocks to the grocery store in Bedford village NY. I really was on my way there anyway before I even saw your car. I promise. Anyway, I hope you can forgive me for any discomfort or creeped outedness I caused, or at least to,accept my apology for it. In any event, please have a great day and I hope I didn't ruin it for you.


From C
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