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To Lady in restaurant tonight,
I am really sorry for staring over and over tonight. Several times at least you looked like this woman I know and haven't seen for over 7 months. She is really awesome in ao many ways. I miss her. Anyway, I didn't mean anything bad. I was desperately trying to figure out if you were her. I would love to see her again even to just say hi and see how everything is going. Anyway, I hope you can accept my apology and maybe even forgive me. I didn't mean anything bad. I hope I didn't ruin your evening. I hope everything goes well for you in everything and have a great evening and weekend!


From C
On Jan 31 2018 at 6:00pm, Relatable wrote:
tHIS exact thing has happened to me, where you go and hug who you beleive to be your dad'​s best friend, but ends up being a tall buff Russian who fears social interactions.

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