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To Sandi, Pat, Marie, Marianne & Jan,
I could try to bellow this from a mountaintop but surely you wouldn't hear me.
I could call or write you but I no longer have that information.
So, I thought that I would try the website "Let Me Apologize". I don't know how many eyes see this site, but I'm hoping that yours do! It's one-in-a million, but I still must try. I feel that I am speaking but only silence issues from my mouth. Please hear me.

To: Sandi Z
Pat M
Marie S
Marianne G and
Jan B
(not in order of importance but in the order that I knew you)

(This is an apology that is anywhere from 35 to 45 years overdue. My heart is heavy)

I am so sorry that it didn't work out. I am very sorry if I hurt you. Please understand that was unintended. I, too, have experienced much hurt in my life. The odds are a million-to-one that you will ever see this long overdue and heartfelt apology from me, but I will feel a tiny bit better knowing that I told you, publicly, “I Am So Sorry!” to Each and All.


From Bob R.
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