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To You know who,
You know who,

I think I saw you when I was out walking at lunch. I'll get right to the point: when you happened to turn while talking to your friend, I was pretty sure it was you. I wanted to say hi but I didn't want to interrupt you and your friend. That would probably have embarrassed you. I couldn't just keep walking behind because that would look creepy, like i was deliberately following/stalking you (something I would never do). So I smiled and turned and walked back down the street and walked the other way, hoping to run into you later on to say hi but no such luck.

Anyway, I'm sure you probably thought nothing of this, but I wanted to apologize because I guess the whole thing seemed a little weird. Guess I'll stop going on and on now.

Hope I get a chance to run into you again and say hi. Hope everything is going well.


From C
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