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To The World,
Dear world,
I am sorry for America not committing to the Paris Accord. I am sure that you can understand the embarrassment of being the only one not doing the right thing. I can assure you that most americans feel very, very upset that we have failed the world by inflicting Donald Trump upon innocent(well, not necessarily) countries. no one deserves that. Please, if you see this, pass along the message.

Querida Mundo,
Quiero pedir disculpas, porque los Estados Unidos salo del Paris Accord. Somos muy desconcertado, porque somos el único paiz que salo del paris Accord. Necesitas saber que nosotros(pues, muchísimos de nosotros) odiamos Donald Trump. Por favor, si lo ves esta mensaje, dilo a otros personas.


From Josie C
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