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To Everyome,
I am so sorry for even being alive. I wish I could trade with someone who is about to die so they could live instead of me, because I don't deserve to. I always mess everything up, make everyone mad at me, cause everyone to hate me etc. I WANT TO DIE!! I NEED TO DIE!!! I am absolutely no good to anyone and of no use to anyone!!! I am working on a plan right now to kill myself by tomorrow morning (to give myself time to get things in order). So far I am considering drowning myself, poisoning myself, running out on the highway to get myself run over, and jumping off a bridge or a cliff. I will keep working on it until I find something I know will work. If all goes well, I will be dead by tomorrow morning and no one will ever have to put up with me again. Guess I should say goodbye and apologize again for taking up space in his world that could be used by someone more deserving. I apologize for living and for everything that has put everyone through.


From Ihatemyself
On Nov 28 2017 at 8:05am, Ater wrote:
On Nov 28 2017 at 8:05am, Ater wrote:
On Jan 1 2018 at 2:34pm, DeadGirl wrote:
Hey listen are you still there? I know what are you feeling because i feel the same. I want to kill myself but it'​s not easy. Come on you gotta talk

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