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To my wife,
look im sorry im really sorry for not cunsolting u and there is no excuse for my action i know but what u don't to me its like it left a mrak on me to compare me to tht guy i have never compared u to any girl and words were always much preciouse than anyone i could never do what u did to me oksimo b allah el 3adim cuz no matter wach rah ygololi ill always look at u and ur words cuz i care abt u i care abt what u say to me not what they say to me cuz urs are true andtheres just to make me feel good even if they did not mean it and u u judged me just ala hadik just u didnot look for the times whish i cared abt u khoft alik i get sad when u r sad happy when u are happy i get sick when u r sick besah hasabtini just ala hadi gest ngolk l barh wellah makdart norgod ala hadik gest oksimo b allah ga3dt hakdak tahrag f galbi w l mochkil galthali merti moch anyone my wife my soulmate my everything kon jat min wahdakhor y roh ya3ti wellah ill not care besah nti ya amina nti thats what i have to say malgre too i love u and ill keep loving u always and forever malgre what u did it broke my heart wellah w jamais rah nansa hadik lila


From hocin
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