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To British Guy,
I hope this finds you,

We were both at Handcraft watching the Superbowl. I was wearing an Arsenal shirt. I had had WAY too much to drink and just lost a sizable amount of money on the game. In line for the bathroom, you made a comment about my Alexis Sanchez jersey... I took it the wrong way and pushed you. I apologized afterwards, but I'm writing this now because I woke up this morning feeling like a complete piece of shit. I acted like a bully, and i was being completely obnoxious and was completely in the wrong. It's not how I normally am, and it's certainly not how I have tried to live my life.

Anyway, if this somehow finds you, and you live in NYC or come visit again, I hope you'll let me buy you a beer. I should have done so last night.

Anyway, sorry, and all the best.


From Jonathan Kennedy
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