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To Lady with black hair who stopped at fruit stand after I passed her on the street at lunchtime. . ,
I am sorry for staring. I did not mean to. It's just that you look a lot like this woman I know and used to work with. I really wanted to know if you were her so I could at least say hi. When I saw you seemed annoyed (probably fron the staring), I thought it was best to keep walking the other way so I didn't annoy you further by causing you to think I was following you. I'm still not exactly sure if you were her but I miss her and I guess that causes me to do things like that, if that makes any sense. Anyway, if you could accept my apology that would be great. In any event, I apologize again for staring and please have a great rest of the day (and hopefully I didn't ruin it for you with the staring). Thank you.


From Anonymous guy 2018
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