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To Nghiu ,
To one of my dearest friends,
A lot of things have happened lately, and i know sometimes i lose my temper too easily. but pls remember that i always care for you guys and only wants the best for you all, alright? i was mean to you, i know, but it was because i was so fking worried you were putting yourself in a bad place, where you can easily be the target of even meaner words. i still have no idea why you did it, but i don't really wanna mention it anymore. i'm tired of it too. anyway, the reason why you're seeing this is because i feel like there's no other way of talking to you and explain it all. All i said came from my care for you guys, believe it or not. i don't even know if you could see what i did and understand the reasons, and i also don't know if you prefer that new friend or something else, but i just need you to know that i wasn't being sarcastic or wanted to hurt you in any way. we've been friends since the first days, remember? and i would never wanna do anything to make you sad. i guess you just seem so vulnerable to me, and i was so scared of you being hurt in all these conflicts that it backfired. i don't even know how we could reach the stage of fall out and silent, but i'm sorry. can we just go back to before all of this? the same day when we sat together and sang cheesy cringy songs and laughed? the last thing i want is to argue or having to ignore any of you :<​ and there's only one question i wanna ask you: What do you want to do? i don't know what you're thinking and i'm too scared to trust anyone unconditionally, but i'd rather you stay in the middle, not choosing any "side", so you can be the same care-free girl i know. at least until all of this terrible sh*t goes away so we could be like the 1st semester. but of course, if you're tired of me, i won't say anything anymore. just tell me clearly so i can stop wondering. no one here knows us so don't worry :/
in the end, remember that i luv ya. and i'm sorry if i made you sad. whatever you say, you'd always be a good friend to me. <​3



From :3 face
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Nghiu responded
To :3 face,
Actually. I was talking to Hân then ._. But he came in. I was sure that u would feel sad or sth but u deleted the nicknames. It made me really sad. Once again, i want to say that i dont and will never like him. That's all. Hope u understand. We are friends forever :v
From Nghiu
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