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To Nice Random Man,

Dear Nice Random Man In Boca Raton,

I am so sorry for not accepting your kind gesture of: opening the door. This is not sarcasm. That day in 2016, I had very little time between class and work, and had scheduled a doctor appointment at a new location that left me confused because Google Maps said it was somewhere else. I had been paying attention to my phone, was trying to read signs as I parked, and walked towards the door.

Despite my apparent youth, I actually have very poor eyesight, due to ocular albinism. I did not notice you opening the door waiting for me because I was trying to figure out if I was in the right place.

You kindly stood there, holding open the door to the building, like any moral person would do. However, I did not really notice you. Instead I marched forward, and opened my own adjacent door and walked into the building with full (faked) confidence.

It was at this moment when I noticed your presence (because I am half blind). And you said, "Ooooooooh-Kay then." and marched off in your needed direction, as if you were annoyed I ignored your gesture of kindness.

I just want to say, I was not deliberately avoiding the door you held for me, nor was I some crazy misandrist looking for a reason to be mad at men. I am just oblivious and half-blind! I am very grateful that you held the door for me, as I would do for any person coming my way. Thank you, random kind man in Boca Raton, and I hope you continue your kindness despite the negative impact I may have made!

Best regards,
Random Oblivious Gal



From Jenna
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