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To Dumbo,
Hey, I am the worst. Yes the worst. I know there doesn't exist any kind of apology for the words I said. Kill me or do anything but please don't say that you won't be able to say all this ever. You know how much like how much this worst guy loves you? Do you have any idea? Seeing you makes this guy happy. You are the only one who didn't disappoint him and I know will never disappoint me. You are one gem of a person, Dumbo. But I am not that lucky to get you. THis worst person deserves a punishment and that too the worst one. But this worst person can't see u crying. I am sorry for everything.
You are the one who matters and I know that I am telling all this amidst of all your assignments, projects and stuffs. But please try to feel what I wanna say. I love you Dumbo. Please don't feel that I don't love or care for you. Give any punishment but please don't get so much angry on me. Without your company, I am nothing. I literally and actually do love you and I promise this won't happen again


From You know who
You know who included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
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