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To Molu,
I know it's been very hurting to you.
BUT i just wanna say sorry to you .
I understand all my mistake i done from beganing and i just keep going to do mistakes plzzz forgive me.
I don't want to hurt you
I just wanna see your smile and hapy in every situation no matter whats happen just be happy and as dadi said all problems will be solved.
I'm trying my best to forgive my self for what i have done last day plzz delete these day from your memory.
I just want our friendship become more stronger then before day by day it become stronger.
For the plzzz forgive me and plzzz don't angry on me
I know you said no sorry but i till now i feelings regrets for what i have done so i'm writing it,when my regrets are gone then i will stop saying sorry. I just can't forgive my self.
Your besteeest bestuuu


From Golu
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