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To MaryAnn,

We've known each other for years. I want to apologize for everything you have been through and continue to go through in your life. The accident with your job and issues in your marriage. You have been strong and it hasn't been easy. I want to be honest about the fact that we can't be friends anymore because I have been thinking a lot about the things you've said and done over the years.. maybe more than just thinking about. Worried about. I don't want to cause any further problems. I just think you and your husband both deserve better. Everyone is too afraid to step up and say you are wrong. You are rude and mean and disrespectful to your man. When is the last time you wore your wedding ring? Its been years! We women always talk about the men who are disrespectful but none of us speak up when women in our lives who we love do the same. It's b.s. There's no love and I don't know if because of the accident you stay for the support but both of you should move on. You talk too much about it, everyone knows, its not making things easy for all of us who are your friends to try and pick sides any longer. We are stressed, sick of hearing you complain when you add nothing positive to the situation, and are embarrassed. You're always talking about #queeninginmydna but its funny because queens don't act like that. Or maybe if they are tyrants they do, so maybe you're right. I'm sorry that this is public but I don't know any other way to get through to you.


From Jackie
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