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To My substitute teacher I had for Music, Period 5, Friday 7/9/18,
Dear Teacher
I want to apologize for 2 reasons. I'll get the first one out of the way: I'm sorry that I forgot your name.
Secondly, and most importantly, I'd like to apologize for my actions in class on Friday.
As you were aware, we were playing "Celebrity Heads", or as we thought we'd turn it into that day, "People From Our School (And Our Year) Heads". It was meant to be an innocent game where we could have fun and have a laugh. Instead, it turned into a disgusting act of disrespect, rating girls based solely on their looks. Now, there were others involved in this heinous act-whom I will not name-but I was the undisputed ringleader.
I proceeded to get carried away, dropping ratings seemingly on every girl possible. And now that I look back on it, it's something I deeply and wholeheartedly regret.
You were absolutely right to single me out at the end of the lesson, and you had every right to be disgusted at me. Anybody in your position would've;​ it's a given. Because while there were others involved as mentioned prior, none of them disrespected these young women, who are beautiful in every single aspect, to the extent that I did. I am lucky enough to be friends with all of them (at the time of writing this letter), but they by no means should continue to befriend me if they find out about my revolting display of utter disrespect.
Prior to this incident, I considered myself to be an honourable person, someone who holds respect for every person I come in contact with (unless they don't respect me). I don't remember any point where I abandoned my otherwise well-structured morals like I did on this day. I almost never get carried away in this manner.
I want you to know that my classmates didn't influence me into saying the horrible things I said: this was 100% my fault, and I apologize.
I am (in my eyes at least) all for womens' rights and from this day forward, I promise to speak with and about females in only the most positive and respectful light.
If you or Mrs. Hudson somehow ends up reading this, I want you to know one thing: I vow to become a better person.
Yours faithfully,
Jack Gillett-Faulkner
Disgraced Student of Hunter Sports High School
P.S. Mrs. Hudson, I would've sent you this apology via email to pass onto our understandably distraught substitute teacher, but I unfortunately don't know it. You have every right to blow up at me the next time you see me.


From Jack Gillett-Faulkner
Jack Gillett-Faulkner included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
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