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To Everyone,
I'm sorry about ruining everyone's day and life who I knownor cone into contact with. I'm a useless, ugly, creepy loser I guesss. . I have no right to be alive if my being alive irritates and bothers everyone so much. I have thought about this and have actually come up with a workable plan for killing myself, with the means and resources for it being at my disposal. This really can't fail. I will keep trying g at it until it works. (By the way, I am not trying to get sympathy. I am trying to do right by all those people I have annoyed irritated etc. I feel terrible about that). If all goes well, none of you will ever have to put up with me anymore. Like I said, I have planned this suicide so carefully it really cannot fail. (So you know how dedicated I am to killing myself, twice on my way in to work I jaywalked on purpose. Then I tried to poison myself. I really really hate myself and i will make sure I destroy myself!)

So, goodbye I guess and sorry for all the trouble I have caused everyone.


From Shouldnotbealive
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