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To Douchebag with baseball cap passing me on road,
I saw the rude look you gave me and I know it's because you thought I was looking at you. Don't flatter yourself. First of all, I'm not gay. I sometimes look at other cars when I drive by to see who's driving, just out of curiosity, because maybe I might know hem. Trust me, I wouldn't want to know a pompous douchebag like you. Second of all, if you think I was looking at you like I was gay, maybe you are the one who is insecure about your heterosexuality or confused about it. Like I said, I'm not gay and would not judge someone who was. Perhaps you should look into whether you are. If you are, that's ok but own it and don't hide from yourself. In he meantime, stop trying to put people, who never had anything to be in or out about. Try to get a life, while you're at it.


From You know who I am
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