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To Everyone,
I can tell from the way everyone reacted to me this evening that I'm nothing but an annoying loser. It really hurts but I guess I deserve it. I'm sorry for everyone's time I wasted and that anyone had to interact with me at all. I'm clearly not worthy of anyone and I probably ruined the day of anyone who had the misfortune of interacting with me. I'm so sorry and the only way to make up for this is to take my own life. That's what I plan to do and am leaving my house right now to do. No one needs me at all and why should they, right? There's this person who means a lot to me and she probably hates me too. I'm getting that sense. So all of that is why I am going out right now to end myself right now. So you know I'm serious, I do have a plan, several in fact. I'm sorry and hopefully once I'm gone you all can forgive me for being such a loser and annoying you all so much. Sorry. Bye (forever I guess).


From C2018
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