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To Robyn Kallis,

Please read with an open mind and don't just believe what Robyn says coz you might have heard some of the things in conversations with her like "just a friend" and also ask yourself why would someone just wake up one day and say all these things about her. You should be asking what did Robyn do. You can judge me if you want to but Robyn Kallis is a dirty HOE, the lady where she rented at in Centurion Pretoria Gauteng told me that she used to have different men over every weekend, Katy (her landlord) also said once a women came there looking for her as she was screwing with her husband. She said once a 40+ man slept over there and Robyn claimed it to be her uncle but things didn't make sense to her but she left it at that. She also said she never saw such a disgusting tenant as Robyn cause the place was always so filthy and when she left or according to Katy when she was evicted she found small packets with what looked like white powder in them and I knew it had to be either Kat or Coke she also said she found dirty underwear under the bed that she must have forgotten about and went on adding that she also found what looked like blood on her bathroom cabinets and after that she actually had to get people in to clean the place as she was disgusted by how the place was left. Now I thought to myself when listening to these things why would a grown ass women lie about such things what would she stand to gain from saying all these things. Her sister and brother in-law was even witness to some of the events especially with myself a married man with 3 kids. Now like I said you guys "her so called Facebook friends" can judge but you need to stop looking at people with face value coz some people are down right devious. Now I don't understand why she would call people psycho's but then again it takes one to see one right, I mean no one forced her to be with married men, no one forced her to get in there cars, no one forced her to kiss them, no one forced her to touch her private parts no one forced her to be with her ex boyfriends lesbian cousin she willingly did all this out of her own will, she actually ran after the married men and invited them to stay by her place and to me that is desperate. Now this looks to me like prostituting yourself just for freebies. So Robyn next time you think about calling people psycho's, pedophiles, or saying they harassing you think again and look in the mirror. Robyn you also talked about lawsuits so please do take action if you have a leg to stand on so that you can face your demons face to face also take note that proof is not a problem as I have WhatsApp's, BBM 's, emails and photos of us and if anyone thinks of backing Robyn up you'd better make sure you have your facts in order cause her lies will get you in trouble just as it did me


From Randy
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