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To Mosquito,
I'm sitting here, writing this little word doc, and this mosquito is just flying around my lamp, biding its time. It's waiting for me to go to bed and when I wake up tomorrow I'm going to be itchy and miserable.

I want an apology in advance, if you're still alive by tomorrow morning, since I'll be turning the air conditioner down to 59. Goodluck with that you INSECT. Let's see how that works out.


From Angelina
On Sep 11 2010 at 3:21pm, xxAlannahxx wrote:
Stupid mosquito!
On Feb 2 2016 at 8:56am, dear theresa wrote:
How are you this afternoon, i can understand that you must be still angry with me.I want to humbly ask for your forgiveness as to what transpired over the weekend. Please understand that i still love you with all my heart you are my truest friend apart from the lord JESUS CHRIST. I know that i put pressure

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