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To karina escamilla,
karina i am sorry i was stupid 4 telling u that u needed 2 stop talking about the guy that u liked i was just a little stressed out because i had 2 say goodbye 2 u my life long friend and i was dealing with my grandma being diagnosed with cancer its hard ur the only reason i came 2 school everyday with a smile on my face and if it wasnt 4 u i would hav flunked school karina when people use 2 look at us they would ask if we were sisters damian asked me when we were walking up 2 the buses after he asked me out hey r u and that girl u were hanging out wuth earlier ur sis karina if i had 2 live my life without u i probably wouldnt even live please please please 4give me i would do anything and 4m now on whenever u hav a problem or want 2 talk bout adam i am behind u 100% please 4give me ur the best thing that happened 2 me please just can we at least talk


From caitlyn knight
On Jul 25 2010 at 11:57pm, Sheryl wrote:
We all snap Caitlyn, but it'​s good that you'​re willing to not only admit that but seek forgiveness. I hope Karina can see that and you can work it out!

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