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Virtual Gifts can be optionally included when you apologize to someone. They could increase the chances of you being forgiven or could just be a nice addition to your apology. We tend to have special items that are added during certain times. Check below every month for some new items that might be "unlocked"

Have some suggestions of your own? Want to see your great ideas below? We'd love to make it happen! Drop us a note on our Contact Page



A Teddy Bear

It is said the Teddy Bear stems from President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt and has been a symbol of affection and comfort with both adults and children for over 100 years. These fuzzy creatures have found their way into museums, festivals, toystores, and collector's homes and make the perfect gift for someone special. If you need to apologize, consider attaching this (free) virtual teddy bear to say you're sorry.
A Hug

I recommend this for a multitude of apologies, and it's a really good way to show you're sorry and want to preserve some form of a relationship. Hugs are both public and private, and can mean all sorts of different things so don't think it's just for someone you're dating.
A Beer

Beer has been around since ancient times and has been recorded by Egyptians and Babylonians in great detail. We've come a long way since then, and we can now drink different types of craft brews from all over the world (without having to buy a million plane tickets)! I'd suggest using this virtual gift if you didn't mess up too seriously and want to just keep a friendship going. It's also just fun to include for other situations. Check out a fascinating and funny article on the Oatmeal about beer.
An Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is a symbol of peace in the western world and originates from ancient Greek culture. In 18th century British and American society, a dove holding an olive branch represented peace and the ending of conflict. The term "extending an olive branch" has come to mean that you had a feud, battle, or quarrel and would like a offer peace and gain a fresh start. This is a great virtual gift if you got into a large fight, had stopped talking to someone, etc, and would like to come forward to repair something or get a ceasefire.
A Box of Chocolate

Give the gift everyone loves in the form of a digital box of chocolate. You should probably buy a real one, too, once you get your apology forgiven with this awesome virtual gift. It's very popular, especially around Valentine's day, and is best used when you didn't mess up too bad.
A Cup of Coffee

It's nice to go out with someone for an honest Cup o' Joe. Attaching this as a gift is good when you need to have some time to talk over or reflect on a problem with someone. It could show you are willing to explore how things went wrong and your willingness to figure it out. It's also a nice choice for casual situations that need to be smoothed over, but certainly not for major transgressions that occurred recently. Unless, of course, you pissed off a coffee aficionado or brew master.
A Glass of Wine

I recommend giving this free virtual gift in much the same way as coffee, except it's a little more formal and even some could say more intimate. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a real glass of wine with this person, if they'll let you do it that is. Just make sure you're both of the appropriate drinking age!
A Red Rose

RoseWhat better way to get out of the doghouse than bringing back a fresh long-stemmed red rose? While we can't send you a real one, this virtual specimen should augment your chances of being forgiven.
A Bottle of Wine

Bottle of WineWhen one glass is just not going to cut it. If you have to bring in the extra firepower, go with the bottle of wine and a nice heartfelt apology. It might not be a bad idea to use this gift if you want to talk things over and be a bit introspective into what went wrong.
A Handshake

A HandshakeAlthough this one is probably used more by the guys, it's also perfect for business settings and for apologies that need to retain some formality and not appear too jocular. While it usually is done to agree on something ("shake on it") this is also an extension of yourself and your hand to show you recognize that you messed up.
A Romantic Dinner

A Romantic DinnerA very versatile opportunity to say set things straight - being able to go out with someone on a romantic dinner let's you do all manner of things including rekindle lost love, discuss the future of the relationship, or even solidify what's already there. Unless you did something crazy, there's really no way you can go wrong with a nice night out. Don't forget the wine!
A Mischievous Ghost
Seasonal Gift: October 21 - November 5

A Mischievous GhostOur ethereal friend only comes out around Halloween time, and we hope he's good enough to scare the anger right out of someone you wronged. Make an apology with him attached to it before it's too late!
A Festive Snowman
Seasonal Gift: December 1 - January 15

A Festive SnowmanIt's not that this guy doesn't WANT to be with your apologies year-round, it's just he lives in New York and it doesn't really get cold enough for him until December (he lives in the freezer the rest of the year if you were curious). So if you like this gift, be sure to try some time between December/January for him to "unlock".
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