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Hey everyone hope you’re having a good weekend. It just dawned on me that while I have it setup for attaching a virtual gift to increase your chances of getting FORGIVEN, I didn’t think about something for DEMANDING an apology. Now obviously you couldn’t give someone a stuffed teddy bear and hope they’ll apologize to you.. I mean I guess you could, but that’s pretty lame. No, i’m thinking of intimidation! Just straight up awful stuff. Pies in the face, dipping their fingers in warm water while they sleep, or dumping a pound of kitty litter on the hood of someone’s car. OK you got me, that last one was oddly specific. I actually did that to someone once when he wrapped my car in plastic the night before. I never apologized and it scratched his whole car up. I should probably apologize…

So digression aside, do you think I should add something to let people attach “gifts” or actions to augment the chances of someone agreeing to apologize to you?


Should You be Able to Include Virtual Gifts When You DEMAND an Apology??

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Let me know what you think, and leave a comment below for what types of things you’d like to see.



Halloween is really around the corner - Where did the Summer go!?


The Elusive "Mischievous Ghost" Unlocks a Week Before Halloween

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. I really love this season though, between Oktoberfest, the leaves changing, Thanksgiving, etc, it’s just an awesome time.  So I’ve had this idea in my head since I started Let Me Apologize back in February, which was to not only have gifts you can give, but gifts that “lock and unlock” at different times of the year. I was hoping to have something cool in time for Oktoberfest (Did I mention I *love* Oktoberfest?) but I was so busy drinking pints of Märzen and Hefeweizen that I didn’t have the time.

Fast forward a few sleepless nights and here we have our first two seasonal gifts – the Festive Snowman and the Mischievous Ghost. Our ethereal friend unlocks the week before Halloween, and you can use him up until the first week in November in case you were too busy trick-or-treating! Enjoy and let me know what you think, I love hearing input!

Maybe we can all have a pint of Deutsche Bier next year together.

Hello all. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve first launched, and I’m proud to say Let Me Apologize now has a blog. I plan on sharing some of the best apologies here, discussing things, and really whatever else I feel is worthy of your time.

According to votes, it seems I have the worst apology.

You can view it here:

This was the 9th apology ever to the site (I think most of the first few were tests) but one of the first I left up there. I made it as another test to see how the site was working. It seemed like so long ago, and in no time it was voted down.