Demanding an Apology

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey everyone hope you’re having a good weekend. It just dawned on me that while I have it setup for attaching a virtual gift to increase your chances of getting FORGIVEN, I didn’t think about something for DEMANDING an apology. Now obviously you couldn’t give someone a stuffed teddy bear and hope they’ll apologize to you.. I mean I guess you could, but that’s pretty lame. No, i’m thinking of intimidation!┬áJust straight up awful stuff. Pies in the face, dipping their fingers in warm water while they sleep, or dumping a pound of kitty litter on the hood of someone’s car. OK you got me, that last one was oddly specific. I actually did that to someone once when he wrapped my car in plastic the night before. I never apologized and it scratched his whole car up. I should probably apologize…

So digression aside, do you think I should add something to let people attach “gifts” or actions to augment the chances of someone agreeing to apologize to you?


Should You be Able to Include Virtual Gifts When You DEMAND an Apology??

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Let me know what you think, and leave a comment below for what types of things you’d like to see.




  1. sean says:

    I never had kitty litter on my car. Though I did help wrap yours in plastic. And Vienna sausage your gas tank. Plus mayo. It would have been funny if you had revenged me. Who did you get? P.s. nothing petsonal. I always respected you and the fame as the college version of tag

  2. LetMeApologize says:

    Ha Sean. What’s up bro. I did that to Clark was pretty nasty business. I still laugh at the sausages I forgot you were involved in it.

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