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I know, technically it’s not winter, but we’re moving into December tomorrow and i’m wearing short sleeve shirts and firing up my BBQ here in NY. Anyone else? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the warm weather, but something feels off driving down the street in 60 degree weather listening to holiday music and seeing garland wrapped around the lamp posts.


The "Festive Snowman" unlocks on December 1

Anyway, starting December 1st you can now attach the Festive Snowman to your apologies. This guy was our second addition to the seasonal gifts (they only unlock certain times of the year). The Festive Snowman is looking to spread some holiday cheer to the people you wronged. Hopefully you weren’t a complete jerk (although somehow I bet you were) but don’t worry he’ll help you get forgiven. Being able to actually sip your hot cocoa without getting the silent treatment from your significant other is key. It’s also related to how many presents you get.

Remember – he who dies with the most toys wins.