About Let Me Apologize

Apologizing is a part of our lives – We all make mistakes from time to time and we’ve all been wronged at some point or another.

Let Me Apologize is a great new way to publicly say you’re sorry to someone, or demand an apology from someone else. You can even enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to apologize to / request an apology from, and they will be given a chance to try to make things right (or refuse)!
You may vote on any apology by rating it good or bad, and can even comment and discuss with others.

Each apology is filed under a particular category, so feel free to select whatever genre fits best. If you think something new should be added, please share it! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

If we feel you could use a little extra help being heard or forgiven, we’ll also Tweet or Facebook your apology to help get it out there! The more exposure your apology gets, the greater the chance you have of being forgiven.

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